Faculty of Medicine & Heath Sciences

University of Kordofan

General features of the Curriculum:

The curriculum consists of elements of problem-based learning and community-oriented activities.

Duration of study:

The Curriculum of the faculty of Medicine is taught through 12 semesters. The length of each semester is 14 – 16 weeks. Students who completed the program and successfully pass the final exam will be awarded the Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

Education philosophy:

The education Philosophy adopted by the faculty of Medicine depends on:

  1. Student- centered learning in which the student earned from his teachers. Peer and self learning from patients, library and other sources of knowledge.
  2. Integration between basic medical sciences and clinical sciences both vertically and transversely.
  3. The faculty encourage problem –based learning particularly major health problems in local community
  4. The faculty put priority for the community needs and other aspects of social accountability.

The teaching and learning methods:

  1. Lectures, tutorials and seminars.
  2. Practical sessions in the dissection room and various laboratories.
  3. Student assignments and projects.
  4. Primary health care activities like Health centers visits, Rural residence, and Extra-curricular community activities (elective)
  5. Community-based activities.
  6. Clinical hospital teaching and activities.