Faculty of Medicine & Heath Sciences

University of Kordofan

Phase Four:

Semesters: 9, 10, 11 & 12

Phase objectives:

By the end of this phase the student should:

  1. Know the symptoms and signs of common diseases, the differential diagnoses and the laboratory investigations which should be done
  2. To choose and request the appropriate laboratory investigations and diagnostic images
  3. Be able to prescribe medications in a rational manner
  4. Be able to recognize the drugs interaction and side effects and t6ake precaution to prevent them
  5. Be able to deal with emergency cases and carry life saving procedures for life-threatening conditions
  6. Be able to recognize early indicators of epidemics with early diagnosis and effective preventive measures.
  7. Be able to communicate with patients and their relatives and provide explanation of the diagnosis and available options of treatment and also be able to work in with a health team.
  8. Understand the basis of medical statistic and their applications in research and medical practice
  9. Understand the basis of research methodology and their applications in medical field
  10. Tide compliance with medical professionalism guidelines and medical ethics
Semesters Subjects Credit Hrs
Ninth & Tenth Community medicine (9&10) 06
Forensic Medicine (1&2) 04
Internal Medicine (4&5) 06
Surgery (4&5) 06
Paediatrics (1&2) 06
Obstetric and gynae. (1&2) 06
Medical Professionalism (3) 01
Total Credit Hours 35
Semesters Subjects Credit Hrs
Eleventh &Twelfth Internal Medicine (6&7) 08
Surgery (6&7) 08
Paediatrics (3&4) 06
Obstetric and gynae. (3&4) 06
Total Credit Hours 28