Faculty of Medicine & Heath Sciences

University of Kordofan


  1. Commitment training on scientific base for preparation graduation with high-quality of knowledge and skills that will enable them to meet the needs of patients in medical laboratory and to keep the development and technology in this specialty.
  2. Confirm the identity of the nation and its authenticity through the curricula of educational and cultural programs offered. and to prepare the graduates to be leaders of the community and for the work of the medical.


  1. To provide the student with knowledge of basic and medical sciences, rehabilitate them with scientific skills and improve their intellectuality and creativity in Medical Laboratory Sciences.
  2. Contribute to foundation of modern medical diagnosis in the country and the development of laboratory work in medical institutions.
  3. Rehabilitation and training of health cadres in medical laboratories and participate in continuing medical education and the development of cadres.
  4. Participate, conduct, and train the graduate in medical research