Faculty of Medicine & Heath Sciences

University of Kordofan

General features of the program of study:

  • Student has to benefit from the experiences of all the faculties of Medical Laboratory Sciences in the country in programs of study design.
  • Access to study programs for a large number of colleges and medical laboratory sciences at the regional and global.
  • Refer to the document evaluation criteria for the faculties of Medical Laboratory Sciences issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • Situational analysis of therapeutic institutions and their need in the public and private sectors and base on it has been a design course represents the philosophy and vision of the University of Kordofan.

The basic features of the program as follows:

  • Holistic approach: so that students studying all aspect of medical laboratory science without specialization at the level of general bachelor.
  • Specialized for high achievers : so that the opportunity for outstanding students to get a bachelor of honor at a branch of science laboratories as researchers and academics in the future.
  • Modern disciplines in laboratory as divisions and disciplines such as molecular biology and immunology science coping with the development and technology