Faculty of Medicine & Heath Sciences

University of Kordofan

Department of Environmental Health


The department of environmental health is one of the departments at the Public Health program that concerned with the adverse influence of the environment on human health and with controlling these influences. Traditionally, the field of environmental health sciences   focuses on hazardous agents in the environment, including biological, chemical, and physical environmental agents. The Department focuses on a number of courses within this traditional approach and more, as well as carrying out studies of the sources and environmental distribution of such agents; human exposure to such agents; environmental risk assessment; prevention and intervention strategies; and sound practices devoted to control such risks or eliminate them (including environmental engineering, law, policy, and communications solutions).

To fulfill its objectives, the department teaches various courses and organizes a number of programmers for its students, public health professionals from different stakeholders, scientists, policy-makers, the media, and the general


The Department of Environmental Health integrates diverse scientific disciplines in its quest to discover, translate, and disseminate new knowledge critical to understanding the impact of environmental factors on individuals and human populations, a goal that is central to public health. Paramount to our mission is a commitment to the education and training of public health professionals to solve environmental health challenges ranging in scale from local to national and international.

By the end of this programmer the graduated students will be able to:

  1. Measure environmental components periodically to detect any pollutants or alterations that may have negative effects on human health and other living organisms.
  2. Contribute positively in planning, implementing & evaluating the training & rehabilitation programmers of environmental health workers.
  3. Carry out scientific research and studies in the field of environmental health.
  4. Contribute positively in the promotion of health status of the communities through surveys, research, health education and participation in different national and local environmental heath campaign.
  5. Identify the different Sudanese cultures, attitudes and practices related to health & diseases.
  6. Work effectively & efficiently among the health team to deliver preventive &developmental environmental health services & services for maintaining the health of the individual, community & environment in order to promote the health for all.