Faculty of Medicine & Heath Sciences

University of Kordofan

Department of Epidemiology


Epidemiology has been defined as the study of the distribution and determinants of health related states or events in specified populations and the application of this study to control of health problems.

The Department of Epidemiology is one of the Public Health program departments. The ultimate goal of the department is to;

  1. Advance the field of knowledge of disease causation, transmission, pathogeneses, and prevention through studies of the distribution of diseases in human populations, through laboratory studies and through incorporation of techniques derived from other disciplines; and
  2. To provide a technical base for development of the optimal use and distribution of health resources for the promotion of community health.


  1. To teach & train university students in the field of Epidemiology.
  2. To instruct & train health cadres in public & private sectors through specified educational & training session in the field of Epidemiology.
  3. To provide scientific & technical advice to governmental institution & private sectors in the field of Epidemiology.
  4. To publish & endorse scientific facts & results obtained by faculty staff in local and international journals.
  5. To participate in the international scientific societies & conference that addressed the community problems.
  6. To form a call for confirmation of scientific research ethics & stick to values of faith, kindness that concerned with the Sudanese culture.


The academic objectives of this department are:

  1. To prepare students for careers in research, teaching and community service.
  2. To provide a stimulating academic environment which will challenge students to expand their field of knowledge, develop their understanding of epidemiologic methodologies and ability to apply these to a wide range of health problems.
  3. To provide students in the other programs in the Program
  4. To join with other departments in the Program
  5. To improve the quality of epidemiology practice in Sudan,.

By the end of this programme the graduated students should be able to:

  1. Determine & monitor disease patterns & directions.
  2. Detect & investigate epidemics and determine their causes, contributory factors and how to control and prevent them.
  3. Find out & determine those groups at risk & susceptible groups in the community and strive to protect them.
  4. Participate in the control & eradication of infectious diseases and health education programme.
  5. Work effectively & efficiently among the health team to deliver preventive &developmental health services & services for maintaining the health of the individual, community & environment in order to promote the health for all.
  6. Contribute positively in the promotion of health status of the communities through surveys, research, health education and participation in different national and local heath campaign.

Identify the different Sudanese cultures, attitudes and practices that are related to health & diseases.