Faculty of Medicine & Heath Sciences

University of Kordofan

Department of Medical Entomology & Parasitological


Teaching by the Entomology Department reflects the broad nature of the departmental mission, ranging from basic aspects of arthropod ecology, morphology, Parasitological, physiology, systematic, and toxicology to applied subjects in, medical and veterinary pest management. Our objectives are to offer a wide range of introductory courses aimed at informing and exciting undergraduates about arthropod biology, comprehensive courses for training of undergraduate majors, and advanced course work for outstanding graduate student education. All courses are designed to complement, rather than duplicate, ongoing programs in other departments or divisions.

State & Mission:

The Department of Entomology's mission includes:

  1. To pursue studies to understand basic and applied aspects of insect biology.
  2. To provide a robust and modern curriculum as part of preeminent undergraduate and graduate programs; and
  3. To inform and educate the public about the issues related to insects and other arthropods


  1.  To provide a Morphological diagnostic service and reference ,Laboratory for arthropods of Medical and public health importance
  2.  To provide a service for detection and identification of human disease agents carried by arthropods
  3. To provide capability to undertake field and laboratory investigations related to the epidemiology and control of human arthropod born diseases and other adverse condition associated with arthropods.
  4. To provide a consultation services with expert advice on the prevention and control of infestation of arthropods of public health concern.
  5. To provide teaching and appropriate instruction in all aspects of medical and public health entomology to tertiary students and health service professorial and related personnel.
  6. To undertake research into issues related to medical entomology in Sudan.