Faculty of Medicine & Heath Sciences

University of Kordofan

General Outline of the Degree Subjects and Courses:

  1. The courses involve organization of teaching programs year-wise.
  2. Subject based courses, however, these courses, as a whole, should demonstrate integration of the basic sciences, clinical dentistry and practical or laboratory skills. The course should be designed and integrated in such a way as to permit smooth progression from preclinical to clinical phase.
  3. Clinical competence started early and reinforced at the last semester by comprehensive patient care
  4. The syllabus consists of three main components:
  5. The 1stcomponent consists of subjects common to medicine and dentistry like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and behavioral science, leading to pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, oral biology and dental material science and preclinical application
  6. The 2ndcomponent runs concurrently with the first and deals with special aspects of general medicine and general surgery, community dentistry and oral pathology.    
  7. The 3rdcomponentis based on the foundations of the first two, deals with the clinical and technical aspects of dentistry as required for dentist and general dental practice by introducing comprehensive dental care.